Effective immediately, review by the Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP) will no longer be required for any faculty appointments to the Assistant rank. The final decision for all proposed appointments to the Assistant rank is now delegated to the Vice/Associate Deans for Academic Affairs in the four Schools.1 Please note that this change does not preclude the Vice/Associate Dean from requesting full CAP review in exceptional circumstances. Changes in Series to steps 3 and above in the Assistant rank will still require CAP review.  

This marks a change in a longstanding policy wherein only proposed appointments to steps 1 and 2 of the Assistant rank were delegated to the Vice/Associate Deans for Academic Affairs, while appointments to higher steps required CAP review. This change is being made, after consultation with the Vice/Associate Deans and CAP, to further streamline the appointment review process. The updated approval authority matrix is available on the Academic Affairs website (click here).

1Excludes appointment packets already under review by CAP and/or VPAA.