As announced in HR Update on July 25, we are entering the home stretch of the Career Tracks implementation and will be entering the Transition Period on Aug. 29. Below outlines changes related to job postings for all policy-covered (PSS & MSP) positions. 

Recruitment tickets received by Human Resources on or after Aug. 29
All submissions for policy-covered (PSS & MSP) job postings received by Human Resources as of Aug. 29 will need to be submitted on a Career Tracks job description template (requires MyAccess login) and will be posted on the campus careers website (BrassRing) with the Career Tracks title. 

Transition of requisitions posted using legacy titles
The Career Tracks Implementation Team will share via Box a list of all impacted requisitions with mapping partners the week of Aug. 8. Departments will have an opportunity to review and provide feedback with a submission deadline of Sept. 9.  

Beginning Monday, Aug. 8, the Compensation Unit will begin to share the Career Tracks mapping for all new job postings at the time of classification prior to the ticket being routed to Talent Acquisition for posting.  

All open positions will begin to be transitioned within BrassRing beginning Aug. 29. This will not impact the file-by date associated with the requisition.  

Job offers after Aug 29
Beginning Aug. 29, your HR Staff Shared Services team will partner with you to make as many offers as possible utilizing the Career Tracks title. Talking points will be available online and provided directly to managers and supervisors by HR Staff Shared Services to explain changes between the requisition posted in the legacy title and the offer being made in Career Tracks.  

Please contact your Career Tracks Champion