In August 2014 UC implemented revised guidelines for the Policy on Reemployment of UC Retirees. These guidelines apply to any UC retiree reemployed into a staff or senior management group position who is receiving monthly retirement income or received a lump sum cash out. Considerations:

A retired UC employee can only be reemployed:

  • To meet a University need; for example, the retiree has skills and knowledge that can’t otherwise be obtained with equal cost and/or time effectiveness
    • University need must be justified, documented, and approved on the rehire retiree approval forms
  • After a break in service of at least 30 days, but preferably after 90 calendar days. This break is only required after the retired employee’s initial retirement.
  • For periods of up to 12 months at a time, but no longer than 24 cumulative calendar months at ANY UC campus.  After the retiree has worked the full 24 cumulative calendar months, s/he cannot be reemployed again at any UC campus without requiring approvals for an exception to UC policy. Exceptions to policy are rarely approved. This does not apply to UC retirees who choose to suspend their monthly retirement income.
  • For a percentage time of 43 percent or less during any 12-month period.

The full UC Regents policy may be found here. Guidelines regarding the reemployment of retired members into academic positions may be found in APM 205.

The hiring department must obtain approvals via DocuSign prior to rehiring or extending a UC retiree.

For questions, please contact Jessica Driessler, Talent Acquisition Manager, at [email protected] or 415-476-5358.