If you missed the live webinars held on May 13 and June 22, you have another opportunity to attend! 

Why attend a live webinar?

  • Learn about the Career Tracks salary structure creation
  • Gain insight into how each function/level is assigned a grade
  • Begin to build a compensation foundation to support your pay decisions
  • Get answers to questions in real time 

Training will be held on Wednesday, July 27 at 10 a.m. You will need to login via the web and call in to the number listed below: 

  • Call-in: 866/740-1260
  • Access Code: 9870869 (to be used for both call-in and web access)
  • Web URL: http://uc.readytalk.com/

Please contact Kellie Beale, Campus Compensation Consultant, with any questions.