This is a reminder that newly hired employees eligible for full benefits (as outlined in their offer letters) will now participate in the UC Retirement Choice Program. This program requires the employee to take an action to enroll, and the effective date of participation is tied to the date of the enrollment action. Given this, it is important for departments to enter their new hire HR Service Request System (SRS) tickets in a timely way so an employee’s appointment can be entered into OLPPS on time. This will ensure the choice enrollment window opens on time and employees ready to make a retirement choice election can take action as soon as possible.

Details about the program are available here: UC Retirement Choice Program.

Please note most collective bargaining units for staff employees have not agreed to the UC Retirement Choice Program; newly hired employees in these bargaining units will not participate in the Choice Program and instead will be referred to their bargaining contract. 

Please contact the Benefits Specialty Center at 476-1400 with any questions.