We are pleased to inform you that the FY16-17 Salary Program decisions and approvals are complete.  We want to thank all the departments for their effort to get this year’s merit and focal equity approved and paid within our established timelines.  These programs take team effort, and this year’s salary program was implemented successfully.  

This year’s salary program included many new improvements, such as:

  • Enhancements to the merit tool including improved sorting options, equity calculation bug fixes, and auditing tools for zero % merit entries.
  • Process improvements such as a data validation period to ensure accurate data was used, additional time for data entry, and an exclusive auditing period for control points.
  • The addition of customized employee letters with pre-populated merit and equity data that included feedback from the “Great Places to Work” UCSF project team.

Department delegates and control points are being given access to merit/equity letters for distribution to managers on Monday, June 27. Managers can utilize these letters or their own customized version of a merit/equity letter to communicate merit/equity increases to employees.  Please contact your control point if you are not certain on how to get copies of these letters. Employee letters may require modification. Please review carefully, especially relevant to the areas below:

  • The current salary is based on what was in the merit tool as of the data pull on May 9.
  • Reports/letters do not reflect changes in OLPPS since the data pull, such as promotions, transfers, and reclasses.
  • New salary does not reflect multiple appointments.
  • All salaries are reflected as annualized rates even if an employee is part-time.
  • There may be rounding issues when rates are loaded into OLPPS.

Managers and supervisors will be communicating the approved merit and equity increases to employees between now and Monday, July 25.  If you have bi-weekly paid employees, please communicate the pay increases by Wednesday, July 6.  Please refer to the FY16-17 UCSF Salary Program on the intranet for additional information. Some important dates have been listed below for your reference.



In the spirit of continual improvement, we welcome all suggestions and feedback on future salary programs.  If you have any questions, please contact your HR Generalist with any questions.