Labor and Employee Relations has developed new resources to support telecommuters and remote workers at UCSF. Telecommuting and remote work differ in important ways, so these resources provide information for employees and managers/supervisors to help set up telecommuting or remote work agreements as appropriate. Telecommuting is a voluntary work arrangement in which an eligible employee with approval “works one or more days each work week from home instead of commuting to a work place.” Remote work is intended as a means of working from home or an alternate site on a full-time basis.

Updated Telecommuting Resources:

  • The Telecommuting Agreement template has been revised to include language that reflects current best practices. 
  • The Telecommuting Guidelines and resources have been simplified so that managers/supervisors and telecommuters can quickly find information about setting up telecommuting agreements. 
  • Telecommuting agreements that are currently in place do not need to be updated, but at the next annual review/renewal, the new telecommuting agreement should be used.

New Remote Work Resources:

  • The new Remote Work Agreement addresses the relevant policy and process information for remote workers and their departments.
  • The Remote Work Guidelines provide an overview of what remote work is, when it may be appropriate, and how to set up a remote work agreement. 
  • Any establishment of a remote worker agreement outside of California or the U.S. may carry additional tax and/or legal implications. The guidelines contain information about working outside California that should be thoroughly reviewed and understood.

Current remote workers that do not have a remote work agreement in place should use this agreement. Once signed, it should be sent to the remote employee’s HR Generalist. Please do not hesitate to contact Labor and Employee Relations at 415/353-4107 with any questions or concerns.