Please ensure all forms you receive from the California Employment Development Department (EDD) are forwarded to Patty Gunderson in Labor & Employee Relations (exception:  see tip #4 below). Please forward the forms to the following addresses:

Patty Gunderson
Labor & Employee Relations
Mail Box 1795 


Attn: Patty Gunderson
3360 Geary Blvd., Suite 301
San Francisco, CA 94118-3324

The EDD envelopes you receive may look like any of the following:



  1. All envelopes will be sent from EDD (see upper left return address areas in above examples).
  2. Envelopes may have printed on them “Time Sensitive Materials Official Business Penalty for Private use $300” or “Official Business Penalty for Private use $300.”
  3. Sometimes red ink is viewable through the envelope window.
  4. IMPORTANT: If the envelope is addressed to a physician / health care provider do not forward it to Patty Gunderson. Instead, please address a new envelope to the physician / health care provider as it appears in the envelope window, stamp it as “Confidential” and place the EDD envelope in the new envelope and send to the physician / health care provider.

Thank you for your assistance with the proper routing of these forms. Please contact Patty Gunderson with any questions.