Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to share the latest news from UCSF Human Resources. Please read on for brief updates on Career Tracks, HR’s Service Partnership Agreement (SPA) metrics, the staff salary program, the new UC retirement program, and Learning and Organization Development initiatives. 

Career Tracks: We are well into the transition to Career Tracks, and the campus is on schedule for implementation in November. With the department portion of Round 1 mapping complete, and Round 2 mapping starting in May, we will be expanding our change management efforts in the coming months. Activities will focus in several important areas:

  • Helping employees and supervisors/managers understand the Career Tracks model and its benefits as well as individuals’ specific placement and the comparison  to the current classification structure
  • Preparing departments for the new processes that will support the new model and ensuring they are effectively communicated

We are incorporating input from the HR Advisory Board and partnering with the Career Tracks Advisory Group. While the enhanced tools and communication are developed, I urge you to continue to use the extensive online Career Tracks resources.

Service Partnership Agreement (SPA) Metrics: Starting this month, campus-wide SPA reports will be added to the HR website as part of the SPA page. The reports provide a simple high-level summary of on-time completion based on targets defined in the current SPA document.  

For the past year, HR teams and department leaders have been using these reports to monitor trends, problem solve, and develop solutions to challenges at all points in the shared processes the reports reflect. We are pleased to see progress in many categories over the past year but continue to work with managers and other stakeholders to strive for further improvement. For questions about department-specific reports, please contact Cheryl Drassinower, Director of Academic HR Shared Services or Katy Rau, Director of Staff HR Shared Services.

I want to highlight a few points about the latest report: 

  • Significant improvement on Academic Fund Distribution Change requests, with a March on-time rate of 90%.
  • 40% increase in Additional Pay transaction volume from February to March. We are evaluating the cause of increase and will watch for trends, but the on-time rate remained high despite the bump in volume. 
  • Efforts to ameliorate the downward trend in Staff Fund Distribution Change turnaround timing are paying off. The on-time rate increased from 53% in February to 80% in March. 
  • Recruitment process improvement efforts are starting to pay off with continuing improvement for both new and replacement positions. 
  • Reclassification work continues to be impacted by this year’s effort to implement Career Tracks, and we may continue to be challenged on reclass timing through November.

Staff Salary Program: In March, the UC Office of the President announced the FY17 salary program for policy-covered (non-represented) staff. Salary increases will be effective July 1 for monthly paid employees and June 19 for biweekly paid employees. Detailed implementation guidelines are here. An academic salary program for next year has not been announced, but when UCSF receives an update, it will be shared by the Office of the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs. 

New UC Retirement Program: In my Winter Update, I shared information on proposed changes to the UC retirement benefits for future UC employees (hired on/after July 1, 2016). After gathering feedback from the UC community, UC President Napolitano presented a proposal to the UC Board of Regents in March. The Regents approved the plan, which will take effect in July. Click here to learn more about the 2016 Retirement Program, read the factsheet, and review FAQs.

Learning Resources: Learning and Organization Development (L&OD) is launching an information campaign to help managers and staff understand how to best use the extensive learning resources available to them. Please share this informational flyer with your staff. Additionally, L&OD is offering a webinar on May 10 to provide an overview of the numerous learning and development resources available at UCSF (click here for more information).

Staff Engagement Survey: We are also pleased to announce that the next Staff Engagement Survey will be held in January 2017. L&OD offers numerous online resources for managers to assist with engagement action planning. Read past announcements from Chancellor Hawgood on the 2015 survey results and the importance of engagement at UCSF here and here

As always, please contact me, or a member of the HR leadership, with any questions. 


David Odato
Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
UCSF Health