UCSF Audit and Advisory services conducted a review of the campus background check process to validate compliance with University requirements including retention of supporting documentation. As a result, opportunities for improvement in the consistency of our practices were identified.

In partnership with the New Employee Onboarding Team and WeID, UCSF HR is making changes in the way it manages attendees in the onboarding process and tracks and files related documentation beginning April 4, 2016.

As a result, HR has modified internal processes that will ensure greater consistency in the tracking and filing of background check documentation. Effective April 4, 2016, the following improved steps will be put into place:

  • Hiring supervisors and managers will start to receive background check clearances directly from WeID. This new process will ensure quicker notification for the campus and cut out the middle step of sending the clearances to HR Generalists.
  • In tandem the background check clearances will be routed to a central HR mailbox where the clearances will be tracked and filed. This eliminates the possibility of misplacing any documentation.

Please contact your HR Generalist with any questions about this new process.