On Friday, March 4 Mapping Partners received a list of employees for whom job standards could not be located. If your mapping partner did not receive a list, we were able to locate a JD for each employee in the unit. We understand you may have copies of up-to-date job descriptions for the employees included on this list; however, we are unfortunately unable to review any descriptions submitted past this point for Round 1 Mapping. 

All job descriptions that you can easily locate should be submitted during the Round 1 mapping process occurring between March 21–April 15, utilizing [email protected], which will be reviewed at the close of Round 1 and results communicated when the results for Round 2 are released on July 25. A new job description will not need to be created for these employees.

As a note, the project team was unable to provide a preliminary mapping recommendation for these employees.

If you have questions, please contact Aron Lewis at [email protected] or 415/502-7355.