The UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program Selection Committee is pleased to announce Kevin Ching is the 2015 UCSF HR Employee of the Year! Kevin was chosen by the committee from among the Employee of the Month recipients selected between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2015.

Kevin was originally nominated for his outstanding customer service, good work ethics, innovative thinking and ideas, and being a great colleague. You may read his original Employee of the Month profile below.

Name: Kevin Ching
Job Title: Benefits Specialist
HR Team/Work Unit: Benefits Specialty Center

Why Nominated:

  • “He is highly responsive, extremely patient, and always accurate in providing consultation to HR and his clients.”
  • “He often receives accolades from employees praising his great work. In fact, our prior Chancellor, Michael J. Bishop, praised Kevin for the extremely valuable retirement counseling experience he had last year.”
  • “Kevin has jumped in and saved the day many times to pick up where a team member may have left off or to pitch in and take on additional work when our team was in need.”

What does Kevin enjoy doing outside of work?
“I love to travel and I love to eat...especially when I am able to share in those experiences with my family!”

About the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program
The Employee of the Month Award (MyAccess login required), created to recognize excellence and effort among UCSF HR employees, is a peer-nominated award and presented to two UCSF HR employees per month. Learn more about the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program here (MyAccess login required).

For questions, please contact the Selection Committee Co-Chairs Shelley Kennedy or Laurie Rojas.