As a part of the Career Tracks initiative, pre-populated, customizable job description templates are now available on the HR website. The master job description template was created in conjunction with the health system and incorporates feedback provided during recruitment Kaizen workshops held during the week of Nov. 16, 2015.  

Pre-populated job description templates have been created for all job functions and levels that are currently active within Career Tracks and can be found here. Click here to view the job standards for each job family.  

These descriptions may now be utilized not only for Career Tracks mapping responses but also for job postings and reclassifications, though it is not required that you utilize a new template at this time.  

If you have any questions specific to the job description templates, please contact Aron Lewis at 415/502-7355 or [email protected]. For all questions related to the Career Tracks mapping process, please contact your Career Tracks Champion.