Effective Jan. 11, campus supervisors/managers will no longer be required to submit organizational charts with their recruitment or reclassification tickets.  

As a result of HR’s Lean work on the recruitment process, it was identified that attaching an organizational chart for every staff recruitment can take a substantial amount of time and effort from the hiring supervisor. UCSF HR has developed alternate ways to acquire the information needed to make classification decisions:

  • Short, simple questions have been added to the new job description/employee requisition form (JD/ERF) to collect organizational reporting information. The new template will be launched in early January 2016.
  • An "Org Chart" tool is being launched within the Compensation Team that will pull information from the Online Payroll and Personnel System (OLPPS) to produce high-level org charts for campus departments/units.
    • As needed the compensation analysts will review reporting information in the payroll system and follow-up with managers when clarifications are needed.

Please contact Crystal Morris with any questions.