During the recent salary planning process for UCSF Campus (for UCSF Health please see the notation below*), it came to HR’s attention that further clarification was needed on the equity exception process, specifically jobs that were recently impacted by Career Tracks. Per the April 28, 2014, email from the Compensation Committee the criteria for exceptions to the focal point equity are:

  • Salary retention proposal for a key staff member in the face of a bona fide job offer from a competitor;
  • Equity increases proposed to adjust an entire level or family of staff due to significant, unforeseen movement in the salary market for comparable positions;
  • Equity increases proposed to alleviate salary compression among non-represented supervisors due to salary movement for the related represented titles;
  • Equity increases proposed to compensate for a significant increase in the scope and complexity of assigned responsibilities in a position that does not compel a change in the classification level;
  • Equity increases proposed to address significant market lags or internal equity surfaced through the implementation of job families.

Departments should utilize the above exceptional language if they think they were not able to address significant equity issues during the FY16 focal equity process. For example, the recent changes to the IT jobs as part of Career Tracks, the last item in bold, would be applicable for a review of potential equity needs for these employees.

If an exceptional circumstance exists for an ad hoc mid-year review, requests are to be submitted as follows:

  • Equity review requests are to be submitted through the HR Service Request System (SRS)  (please note that MyAccess login is required) and must include a written request from the employee’s supervisor, the "Exceptional Circumstances" request reason, and documentation to support the request.
  • For MSP 7+ and Career Tracks 28-29 (formerly MSP 7-8) requests, in the HR SRS, direct requests to Joanne Fraysse-Gordon, HR Executive Compensation Specialist.
  • Once reviewed and approved, following past practice, equity requests are implemented the first of the month following the submission date of the request. UCSF HR is committed to helping the campus define a longer-term strategy for equity review as we move all our non-represented staff into Career Tracks job families and market-based ranges in FY17.

 For questions or advice on this process, please see below for HR resources:  

  • PSS and MSP 1-6: Crystal Morris, HR Compensation Supervisor ([email protected]; 476-2115)
  • MSP 7+ and Career Tracks 28-29 (formerly MSP 7-8), Senior Management Group (SMG): Joanne Fraysse-Gordon, Executive Compensation Specialist ([email protected]; 476-4285)
  • Strategy: Kellie Beale, Campus Compensation Consultant ([email protected]; 502-1217)
  • Career Tracks—Campus: Aron Lewis, Campus Career Tracks Lead ([email protected]; 502-7355) 

*UCSF Health
For any staff equity issues or questions, please contact your UCSF Health Compensation Specialist or Catherine Nielsen, Compensation Manager ([email protected]; 353-7411).