The Reconsideration Period for the IT (and related) Job Family ends Aug. 31. For more information on the process, please click here. You will need to use your MyAccess credentials to log in. All requests will be reviewed at the close of the period with final decisions communicated by Sept. 30. At the close of the reconsideration review, all notification letters will be placed in affected employees’ personnel files.

Human Resources will be doing a final round of clean up to ensure all employees performing IT-related work have been reviewed and placed in a corresponding Career Tracks (CT) title. If you have any employees that you believe should have been reviewed during this process, please send an email with the most up-to-date job description to Aron Lewis, Career Tracks Coordinator.  

We appreciate the efforts by supervisors and managers to ensure that affected employees have been notified of the change in their classification, and we look forward to continued partnership as we move forward with this project.

The CT Team will be partnering with a CT sub-committee to the HR Advisory Board to validate the implementation plan for all future job families. The finalized plan will be communicated once approved. Stay tuned!