Staffing the new specialized Labor and Employee Relations (LER), Compensation, and Postdoc Shared Services teams provided an opportunity to review the staff assigned to each department to ensure HR customers have the right team to support their employees, provide outstanding service, and support continuous improvement.

Department managers received their updated list of HR support team members this afternoon. This information will be available via the "Find Your HR Representative" tool on the UCSF Human Resources website as of go live for the new teams tomorrow, July 29. The tool will be updated when changes occur, and we encourage you to use it whenever you need to find your contact for an HR question or concern.

See below for more information on who to contact for new and ongoing Postdoc and LER issues. 

HR Shared Services looks forward to providing every department excellent HR service and is committed to ongoing improvements in partnership with our customers. Feel free to contact Katy Rau, Cheryl Drassinower, Esther Carter, or Kelly Sheridan with any questions.

Jenny Schreiber
Director of HR Shared Services

Work Transition Details – Effective July 29:

  • Postdocs: Contact your new Postdoc Generalist for all new and continuing postdoc-related issues/questions with the exception of LER matters. We will ensure the transition of ongoing cases is smooth between current Academic Generalists and newly assigned Postdoc Generalists. In some complex cases, the Academic Generalist will continue to work on the case until resolution. 
  • LER: Contact your LER Specialist for all new Labor and Employee Relations matters for all non-probationary career staff and postdocs. Continue to work with your Staff Generalist for employment-related issues for probationary staff. LER matters that are currently in progress and being worked on with a Staff Generalist shall continue to be handled by the Generalist in consultation with LER until completion or an appropriate transition point is determined. For more information, please visit the LER services page on the HR website.