Starting July 12, newly hired staff employees will have an Active Directory and UCSF email account created automatically, eliminating the need to submit a separate request for email account creation. Starting with new hire requests submitted after July 11, supervisors will receive a notice seven days prior to the staff new hire’s start date informing them of the new hire’s employee ID number and Active Directory account name. On the employee’s first day, the supervisor and the employee will be notified that the email account is ready for activation. 

We hope you find this automation saves you time and improves on-time availability of email accounts. 

Important details:

  • In order to prevent duplicate accounts, the process only applies to staff hires who are entirely new to UCSF. For transfers, rehires, and anyone who has previously had a UCSF affiliate ID, departments should submit a ServiceNow ticket for account transfer/reactivation. We hope to add academic appointments to the process in the coming months. 
  • File share setup is not included in the process automation. For new hires that will require access to file shares, please submit a Service Now ticket via the "Campus & School of Medicine Account Request" form
  • Temporary passwords will be sent to the new hire’s personal email address and will, for security purposes, expire three days after the employee’s start date. In the event that a new hire does not activate their account prior to the temporary password expiration, the account can be reset by calling the Service Desk (x. 4-4100). 
  • The account creation notice to the supervisor (seven days prior to start) includes the employee ID number and the network ID. The email address is not created until the employee’s start date

Simplified process illustration: