We would like to thank all managers and supervisors for your partnership in issuing the notification letters to your employees who are impacted by this first major job family implementation. We understand this is a busy time of year and are grateful for your continued partnership throughout the Career Tracks implementation.

The reconsideration period for the IT (and related) job family implementation is in progress and will end on Aug. 31, 2015. This period allows supervisors to submit additional documentation for review if they are not in agreement with the job function and/or level that an employee was mapped to.  

If, as a supervisor, after discussing the finalized mapping with your employee, you and your director/department manager think a certain job function and/or level would be more appropriate, please submit the following forms via email to your Career Tracks Coordinator with a cc to your director/department manager: 

  • Reconsideration Form (MyAccess login required)
  • Revised Job Description (if applicable)
  • Org Chart (if applicable)

Any approved changes will be processed at the end of the reconsideration period with a retroactive date to July 1, 2015, for monthly paid employees and July 5, 2015, for bi-weekly paid employees.

*Note: Leanna Bruschini is the point of contact for all employees who were reviewed as a part of the centralized ITS department.

Aron Lewis
Career Tracks Coordinator
UCSF Campus HR Shared Services
[email protected]
Leanna Bruschini
Career Tracks Coordinator
UCSF Medical Center
[email protected]

All job functions can be found on the Career Tracks section of the HR website (MyAccess login required) and the Title and Pay Plan can be found here