Dear Colleagues,

In my spring update on UCSF Human Resources, I am pleased to share progress and updates on several initiatives – consolidation of the four service centers, creation of dedicated postdoc and labor/employee relations (LER) teams, HR's emerging technology strategy, new reports on our Service Partnership Agreement targets and onboarding improvements. Please read on for details.

HR Transformation: As of April 15, we have one HR Shared Services Center! The next phase of our service improvement transformation involves launching dedicated postdoc and LER teams in July. There are several key steps to do so:

  • May: announce who will transfer to the new teams and update departments on any changes in HR contacts  
  • June: Shared Services and LER leadership will meet with customers to get to know you and discuss support for the transition 
  • July: go live with the new teams and share updated workflow and tools

I am grateful to our Advisory Board and Service Partnership Agreement subcommittees for invaluable guidance on how to implement these changes. Read comprehensive information about our transformation plans here, including detailed material under Stakeholder Engagement. Next, we will explore the integration of HR Partners and assess additional priorities for workflow improvement efforts.

HR Technology: We are in the planning stages of implementing a Human Resources Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy to better use technology to provide customers with a smooth, efficient experience. We’ll be laying the groundwork for a transformative customer experience with the introduction of new case and knowledge management tools (that will eventually integrate UCPath) to optimize customer interactions. Highlights for customers include:

  • Enhanced ticketing with automated routing and workflow
  • Case management to track task ownership, escalation and collaboration
  • Dashboards to provide status of tasks, reporting, and tools to understand service relative to service partnership targets
  • Knowledge management that provides accurate, on-demand policies, procedures and tools when and where they are needed
  • Mobile apps

In addition to the functionality for customers, our CRM strategy will help us better manage HR operations and analyze service to make improvements and build on successes. 

Customers representing a cross-section of the employee and departmental populations were interviewed in focus groups late last fall to identify pain points and opportunities to improve. Feedback gathered in those sessions informed our final CRM requirements. In the next two months customers will be invited to participate in the vendor review and selection process. We then expect to begin implementation this summer. In the meantime, other HR CRM projects are underway: LaborSoft is being deployed to support case management and workflow for the consolidated LER unit, and we are in the process of digitizing all personnel files to reduce storage needs and make it simple for supervisors and managers to access them as needed. Read more about HR’s technology projects here.

Service Partnership Agreement reporting: We recently added Service Partnership Agreement reports to the monthly HR reports sent to department managers. Each Level 3 department receives a report with department-specific results. In the future, we plan to publish UCSF-wide results on the Human Resources website. We are excited about using these reports to better understand our performance patterns and inform our discussions with customers.

Onboarding process improvement: In my Winter update, I shared plans for improving the onboarding process through the FAS Lean pilot. Earlier this month, we eliminated the badge fee for new hires and launched an improved door access requests tool in the SRS. Next up are transitioning to mostly electronic new hire forms and improving the information provided to new hires. The Lean process teams, which include customers and service providers from multiple departments, continue to focus on improving the efficiency and quality of the onboarding process. Read more.

Finally, it is bittersweet to share several changes among Human Resources’ managers and directors. Susan Wright and Sandra Avila are retiring from UCSF at the end of June, and Susan Sall is moving on to a new role. I appreciate their dedication and service – they will be greatly missed! We also welcome Cheryl Drassinower as Director of Academic HR Shared Services and Jennifer Tapken as Manager of HR Business Operations. Additionally, please join me in congratulating Esther Carter on her appointment as Director of Postdoc Shared Services and Katy Rau on her appointment as Director of Staff Shared Services.

As always, please contact me or a member of my HR leadership team with any questions.


David Odato
Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Chief Human Resources Officer
UCSF Medical Center