1.) New Hire Badge Fee Eliminated

  • Departments no longer need to enter a chart string for new hire badge production fees.
  • The HR Service Request System (SRS) has been updated to reflect this change.
  • Departments are no longer being charged a $22 fee to produce the first badge for each new hire.

This change is intended to help eliminate some administrative work identifying, approving, and keying badge fee funding, and to help ensure that new hires don’t experience any delays receiving their first badge.

Replacement and affiliate badges will continue current processing charge practices. 

2.) New Door Access Ticket Available in SRS

  • Available to initiators for both new hires and existing employees.
  • Enables the SRS initiators to look up and select door codes based on location, user "favorites," or access profiles for similar employees.
  • Will greatly improve the accuracy of the request and enable simple, streamlined authorization by door owners with improved record keeping.

This process will be available for both interior and perimeter doors with the exception of certain high-security doors that have been excluded from the list available to users. High-security doors will follow existing process by requesting through [email protected].  
WeID continues to provide replacement ID cards, LiveScan fingerprinting, and notary services. Hours and locations are available here.

How it works:

  • When submitting a new hire ticket, initiators will have the option to "Request Door Access." Selecting this option opens a new ticket that is specific to the request for door access.
  • Users will be able to add the required doors and send authorization requests to the door owner directly from the Door Access ticket.
  • Once all authorizations are returned, the initiator will be able to forward the ticket for approval and processing.
  • The New Hire ticket will be separate from the Door Access ticket and will follow current workflow. 

Simplified overview of new door access workflow for new hires:


To request additional door access for existing employees, initiators can create a standalone Door Access ticket directly from the Fundamentals tab.

Detailed Information Available:

The HR website’s Knowledge Bank articles "Enabling Building and System Access for a New Employee" and "Enabling Building and System Access for Contractors, Consultants, Vendors, and Other Affiliates" have been updated to support the new door request ticket type. Initiators, approvers, and authorizers can reference the Knowledge Bank at any time for access to job aids and process outlines.