I'm excited to announce another important step in the consolidation to one Shared Service Center. On April 15 the staff team managers will begin reporting to Katy Rau and the academic team managers will begin reporting to Cheryl Drassinower. Background on consolidating the service centers is here, and you can read more about HR's transformation activities here.

We are working hard to minimize the impact on customers but realize there may be some concerns and hope the following information helps to address them:

  • Your HR team: Your individual support team is not changing now, and your HR generalist will continue to work hand-in-hand with you.
    • Review new organization charts that illustrate how shared services will be organized.
    • For consistency as we all adapt to one consolidated shared services center, managers and generalists will remain in teams denoted by letters (e.g., the Service Center A Academic managers and generalists will become Academic Team A).
    • As the new postdoc and LER teams are launched, some departments may have a change in generalist, but you will be informed in advance, and we will partner with you to ensure a smooth transition.
      • We hope to have individuals identified for these roles in late April or early May - please watch for more details.
    • We are committed to ensuring that the renewal process will not be impacted.
  • Escalation path: As we strive for more consistent service, Katy, Cheryl and Esther will develop a more defined escalation path for managers and supervisors. In the meantime, please continue to contact your Staff or Academic Generalist. If they are not able to assist you they will escalate as needed. You are always welcome to contact Katy about staff HR, Cheryl about academic personnel and Esther for Postdoctoral Affairs. In addition, please feel free to contact me as well.
  • Next steps:
    • The Shared Services directors will begin reaching out to individual departments in the next few months in order to learn and understand your unique business needs and concerns.
    • We will begin to assess current processes and workflow and look forward to working with you on recommendations and improvements.

As the service centers are consolidated:

  • Susan Sall will transition to helping the new Business Operations Manager, Jennifer Tapken, get oriented and will support special projects during the transition.
  • Mark Gottas returns to his role as Staff Manager, Team C - I thank him for his excellent leadership as the Interim Director for SC C since last summer.
  • Esther Carter transitions to her new role as Director of Postdoc Shared Services.
    • Esther and I are very excited about the new postdoc team and look forward to sharing a detailed communication focused on postdoc services soon.

These are important and exciting changes, and we look forward to partnering with you through the transition.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Jenny Schreiber
Director of HR Shared Services
UCSF Human Resources