This article provides departments with information about the timing and overall process for the renewal and compensation letter process. There are many updates for this year based on feedback from last year in order to reduce duplicative work and manual data entry as well as provide new efficiencies, accuracy, and support compliance.

  • We will be using UCSF Box as the location where the spreadsheets will be kept and accessed by both the department and HR. This will address version control issues. UCSF Box is accessed through your MyAccess login.
  • Spreadsheets will be available to department managers on April 1 through UCSF Box. Department managers can request access for additional staff through their service center.
  • The timeline and critical information is provided in a separate document. Click this link for the Timeline for FY16 Academic Renewals & Compensation Letters.
  • There will be five tabs in the renewal spreadsheet that cover these five specific populations:
    1. HCOMP Faculty (Health Sciences Compensation Plan)
      • New! We will utilize MPM salary data to further populate the HCOMP faculty renewal spreadsheet which will reduce the amount of manual entry by the departments. A pilot was successful last year to pull data from MPM. For all MPM renewals that have been completed by the department by May 31, an updated spreadsheet will be made available on UCSF Box with the salary data populated.
    2. Fiscal Year Paid Faculty and Recalls
    3. Paid Non-Faculty Academics (NFAs)
      • "Summary of Duties" will be pre-populated by HR if the information is available from last year's spreadsheet
    4. Volunteer Clinical Faculty
    5. Other Without Salary (WOS) (Includes HCOMP, FY, Recall, NFAs, Emeritus)
  • Key Dates:
    • April 30: FY15 fund changes due
    • May 15: Renewal spreadsheets due for all except HCOMP faculty
    • May 31: MPM renewals due
    • June 9: HCOMP faculty renewal spreadsheet due
  • MPM Workshops: Four renewal workshops are being scheduled for late April/early May, one at each site: MCB, Mission Bay, Parnassus, and Laurel Heights. Look for details in upcoming MPM communications.
  • For School of Nursing, there will now need to be a justification for salary increases greater than 10 percent for Senate and Non-Senate Faculty. This has been a requirement in the past for School of Medicine and Dentistry.
  • Joint Appointments will be automatically renewed unless departments send Service Request System (SRS) tickets to end them.
  • Departments receive a monthly HR report, which includes a tab called "Affiliates." Please review this tab to check if any renewals are needed; submit an SRS ticket with a spreadsheet attached indicating those to renew.

Please be in touch with your HR service center about any questions throughout this process. Department Managers should look for a notification that the spreadsheets are ready in UCSF Box on April 1.