Ethical Values Training
The UC Ethical Values training has temporarily been taken off-line. This required eLearning course is undergoing a regularly scheduled review and update by the UC Office of the President. System reminders from the UC Learning Center and the HR Umbrella will be discontinued for now. The UC Ethical Values training will be available again in the near future. You will be sent a notification from the system when the new version is ready. If you have any questions please contact the UC Learning Center here.

UC Learning Center Upgrade
The upgrade to the UC Learning Center was completed as planned on Feb. 4. Thank you for your patience during this process. As with any major upgrade, there is an optimization phase where new functionalities need to be monitored and adjusted. Currently, the vendor is working diligently to address an issue with unsupported versions of the Chrome browser, and we anticipate a solution soon. We will keep you informed of progress and post all updates on the UC Learning Center login page.