Dear Colleagues,

UCSF Human Resources started 2014 with clear priorities for process improvement based on recommendations from our Service Partnership Agreement (SPA) subcommittees and Advisory Board. Since then, my team has been working hard to launch these improvements and update other processes important to HR business. I am pleased to highlight several recent accomplishments, all of which reflect the work of HR leadership in partnership with key stakeholders: 

While the development of these tools is only one step in our effort to make HR processes more efficient and effective, they provide the foundation for all of us to be working together with the right information and tools. Information about ongoing process improvement priorities are available on the SPA section of our website. If you would like to provide input, please feel free to reach out to your HR team or a member of the HR Advisory Board.

We are also working on a new human resources website. Based on customer feedback and input from our Advisory Board, the new website will provide action-oriented, user-specific content. We believe it will become a valuable business tool to help you accomplish HR business and ensure your HR team has ready access to all the tools and information needed to support you. The new website will launch in early summer, and content will be added throughout the summer, which will allow us to incorporate user feedback as we complete the content development. Watch for more details in HR Update on the roll-out timeline and how to use the new site in the coming weeks!

I often hear questions about the status of UCPath. The timeline has changed, and the current plan is to launch the UCPath Center and software as a pilot at Office of the President. At this time, the project leadership at UCOP has not finalized the implementation timeline and we do not know when UCSF will join UCPath. Nevertheless, we remain engaged. I serve on the systemwide steering committee, Cynthia Lynch Leathers is a member of the advisory board, Steven Engen is spending the majority of his time on the project, and our campus project manager Deb Nikkel works closely with the UCOP project management team. Additionally, a number of HR and Payroll staff have spent significant time on business process design to ensure we have a voice in the design and understand the impact on our local processes.

As Interim Chancellor Hawgood recently announced, the 2014 Staff Engagement Survey will be conducted by Gallup from April 28 to May 16. Please support your departmental ambassadors in promoting the survey and ensure your career staff have time to complete it. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


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