UCSF Human Resources is pleased to share the executive summary of findings from Chazey Partners' recent assessment of the HR organization. The goal of the assessment was to identify internal changes to improve service, and Chazey gathered extensive data from HR customers, HR service providers, and documentation of our processes and funding model. The key recommendations about HR on campus from Chazey Partners' analysis are:

  1. Consolidate the four service centers into a single HR shared services organization to further develop standard practices and improve efficiency. Assess the optimal workflow among transactional/administrative, professional/technical and policy/strategic aspects of our work for best alignment with the two specialty centers and HR leadership.
  2. Develop/expand new roles to provide strategic and tactical support to business leaders at UCSF.
  3. Enhance technology to enable HR work, focusing on workflow and document management, case management and performance metrics, and integration of existing systems.
  4. Develop and share performance measurements that include input, operational, and output performance indicators.
  5. Continue to consider integrated solutions for campus and health system functions as appropriate, although this is not a recommendation to integrate campus and health system HR at this time.

For more information on the assessment and UCSF Human Resources' next steps, please see:

The executive summary identifies potential future savings, and HR's goal is to continue to work toward better and more efficient service. It is important to note, however, that the feasibility of the possible savings assumes $3.3M in one-time implementation costs (technology and project), UCPath services provided as planned, and adoption of the organization structure recommended by Chazey Partners, which requires more analysis to determine its reasonableness in the UCSF environment. With these assumptions and no programmatic growth, Chazey Partners suggests possible long term savings up to 24 FTE. As HR improves efficiency, through whole or partial adoption of Chazey's recommendations, we intend to pass savings back to our customers.