Dear Colleagues,

In this update on HR activities, I am pleased to share information about the Chazey Partners’s assessment of UCSF Human Resources, results of the recent HR customer satisfaction survey, and updates on key HR committees. This message is long, but I appreciate your taking the time to read about what’s happening in HR.  

Chazey Partners’s Assessment
A major activity in HR over the past few months has been the assessment of the HR organization conducted by Chazey Partners. Based on their preliminary report, they identified several key strengths of our current organization:

  • HR service providers and customers are engaged and committed to ongoing collaboration. 
  • HR employees’ effort, skills and values are widely recognized and appreciated.
  • Leadership strongly supports and is committed to continuous improvement.
  • Funding model and rate-setting process is transparent and effectively engages customers in reviewing strategic and tactical plans.
  • HR has real experience implementing and operating shared services and has implemented many industry best practices.

Chazey Partners has shared five high-level recommendations for the campus HR organization: 

  • Consolidate the four service centers into a single HR shared services organization to further develop standard practices and improve efficiency. Assess the optimal workflow among transactional/administrative, professional/technical and policy/strategic aspects of our work for best alignment with the two specialty centers and HR leadership.  
  • Develop/expand new roles to provide strategic and tactical support to business leaders at UCSF. 
  • Enhance technology to enable HR work, focusing on workflow and document management, case management and performance metrics, and integration of existing systems.
  • Develop and share performance measurements that include input, operational, and output performance indicators.
  • Continue to consider integrated solutions for campus and health system functions as appropriate, although this is not a recommendation to integrate campus and health system HR at this time.

Chazey Partners recently presented an overview of their findings to the HR Advisory Board, and HR leadership is now highly focused on assessing the findings and how they might be translated to UCSF’s unique environment. No decisions have been made about which recommendations to adopt or how or when to do so. We will work closely with our Advisory Board for input on how to act on the recommendations and how to engage a broad group of stakeholders – please watch for more information throughout the fall.

HR Customer Satisfaction Survey
In July, we conducted our annual customer satisfaction survey. Overall satisfaction dropped slightly to 3.32 from 3.39 in 2013. We are disappointed but aware of the continued challenges felt by customers. However, we were pleased to see satisfaction with specific processes (e.g. Academic Recruitment, Staff Onboarding, Postdoc Appointment) improve in all cases but one.

We take the survey results seriously, and the overall outcome reinforces our need to make broader changes to the delivery model. Next steps include:

  • Incorporating the survey findings with our review of the Chazey Partners’ assessment and planning for organizational structure changes.
  • Sharing more detail on results with individual departments and helping to address specific concerns. 
  • Reassessing the survey questions and population to ensure we are gathering actionable feedback from individuals who work with HR.

Advisory Board Subcommittees

  • The Funding Model subcommittee has started its annual process of reviewing the budget and recommending rates for the next fiscal year. Rate recommendations will be recommended to the HR Advisory Board in January.
  • The Service Partnership Agreement (SPA) subcommittees will delay reviewing and recommending updates to the SPA until we have a better understanding of how the organization structure may evolve. Instead, subcommittee members will be key partners in our efforts to gather stakeholder input on potential changes.
  • A new Career Tracks (Job Families) Implementation subcommittee has been formed to advise on how to implement career tracks across UCSF.

Additionally, I would like to thank the HR staff who are working with colleagues across UCSF to support the Ebola response efforts by ensuring processes are in place for voluntary leave, leave sharing, and continuation of benefits. For more information, please see the following links:

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of my team with any questions. I look forward to continued partnership as we focus on refining our service delivery model. 


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