In previous years, the headcount freeze date for HR billing has been January 1 for the upcoming fiscal year. To provide more accurate information for the rate-setting process, the HR Funding Model Subcommittee has approved changing headcount freeze date to December 1. The goal of this change is to improve the overall process for HR and departments, and specific benefits of this change include:

  • Ability to meet deadlines for the departments, Funding Model Subcommittee, Advisory Board, and Budget Office
  • Mitigation of lost review time due to the holiday schedule in December
  • Improved accuracy of revenue projection and rates for HR and client budget planning
  • Ability for the Funding Model Subcommittee and Advisory Board to recommend and approve actual rates and revenue

The department headcount validation will now happen in November, with the freeze date being December 1. Billing contacts for each department will receive an email at the beginning of November with their preliminary headcount data to validate by December 1.