New campus guidelines have been issued which update the UCSF criteria for advancements in the faculty series. Of note, the new guidelines clarify the criteria for accelerated advancements and provide guidance on determining whether actions will be considered accelerated. The new guidelines have been vetted with the Vice and Associate Deans of Academic Affairs, and the Academic Senate Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP). This document replaces (and combines) the following documents: "UCSF Criteria for On-Time Advancements in Rank – Faculty Series” (2/2013) and “UCSF Guidelines for Accelerated Advancement” (7/2009)." It is expected that departments will transition to these new guidelines as soon as possible with the understanding that some actions may already be in progress under the prior guidelines. Proposed actions with an effective date of 7/2/2015 or later must be consistent with the updated guidelines. The Guidelines are available as a PDF here