As part of the Service Partnership Agreement (SPA), clarification on affiliate titles was jointly identified by departments and HR as a needed area of focus. Examples of affiliate types are Observer, Contractor, Employee of Affiliate Organization, Access Extension, or Employee of a Contracting Firm. Several new resources and tools have been produced in response to this identified need. The information below involved the efforts of Service Center staff, Medical Center HR, HRIS, the ISSO, Graduate Medical Education, Risk Management, Financial and Administrative Services, and Campus IT. The next steps are to put the documentation and processes into use. As you review the information and implement using the new resources you may have important feedback. Please contact your Service Center Manager if you have questions or suggestions.

Reference Documents:

  • Non-salaried Appointment Grid: A resource document that shows the various appointment options
  • Documentation of the affiliate codes and process
    • Affiliate title codes were reviewed, consolidated, and updated where possible.
    • The Affiliate Title Code List for departments was developed to show the various affiliate options, and will soon be available as a download in the Badge/Door Access/Affiliate Request ticket type, under the supplementals tab.
    • A new internal HR process was developed for future requests to alter the list of affiliate codes.
  • Volunteer Decision Checklist: This will become part of the staff volunteer packet in a future project, but can be an initial help to departments now.

Process Updates:

  • Clarified Affiliate Request Process
    • An Affiliate Request Form was developed to quickly capture the required information. The form can be used now, and will soon be available as a download in the HR Service Request System (SRS), in the ticket type of "Badge/Door Access/Affiliate Request." The form should be attached to an SRS ticket for department review/approval and HR processing.
  • New Affiliates Tab on the Monthly Department Reports
    • Department managers and their designates have been receiving monthly reports that provide information about new hires, separations, 1000 hour tracking, department population information, and alerts for distribution or appointment end dates. A new tab called 'Affiliates' will be available on the reports that come out in August.
    • We have seen the accuracy of HR data continue to improve overall, and this is the first time data about affiliate titles will be available to every department. Your department may need to submit a staff SRS "other" ticket with changes noted on the spreadsheet to make a mass update to the list of affiliates.
    • There is nothing due from departments at this time. Over time, departments and service centers will work together to ensure accurate end dates, remove indefinite end dates, and end any that are no longer needed. Please contact your service center if you have questions about the new tab on the report.