Talent Acquisition

About This HR Service

Talent Acquisition at UCSF serves to assist departments with staffing needs. Recruitment professionals provide services related to recruitment, short- and long-term employment, outreach strategies, organizational analysis, and operational needs.

Name Title Phone Email
Jeffrey Chiu Director of Talent Acquisition and Medical Center Human Resources Operations 415/379-0301 jeffrey.chiu@ucsfmedctr.org
Cheryl Hardin Senior Recruiter 415/353-7703 cheryl.hardin@ucsfmedctr.org
Maritess Hochderffer Executive Recruiter 415/353-4687 maritess.hochderffer@ucsfmedctr.org
David Kirk Senior Recruiter and Compensation Analyst 415/353-7431 david.kirk@ucsfmedctr.org
Saba Mirza Senior Recruiter and Project Manager 415/353-7739 saba.mirza@ucsfmedctr.org
Anna Montenegro Senior Recruiter 415/353-7404 anna.montenegro@ucsfmedctr.org
Cynthia Nessel Senior Recruiter 415/353-9622 cynthia.nessel@ucsf.edu
Amy Ng Senior Recruiter 415/353-4638 amy.ng@ucsfmedctr.org
Susan Walczak Senior Nurse Recruiter 415/353-7738 susan.walczak@ucsfmedctr.org

UCSF Medical Center Human Resources
3360 Geary Blvd.
Suite 301
San Francisco, CA 94118

Phone: 415/353-4688
Fax: 415/353-4690
Email: jobs@ucsfmedctr.org

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