Priority Reassignment

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Priority Reassignment is a preferential employment process whereby an employee with a disability may be selected for another position at the University without the requirement that the position be publicized. This Priority Reassignment process does not provide a right to guaranteed re-employment.


Eligibility for Priority Reassignment is based on medical information from the employee’s treatment provider documenting that the employee is precluded from returning to work in his/her regular position, but is able to participate in a search for alternative work.

During Priority Reassignment, the employee will work closely with a Disability Management Analyst who will assist the employee with a transferable skills analysis; resume preparation, job seeking skills training, and the identification of appropriate job openings. The DMS Analyst will also instruct the employee on how to search and apply for open positions in the on-line applicant tracking system.  This would include positions in both the campus and the medical center. To be considered under Priority Reassignment, the employee must apply for a position within two (2) weeks of the date the job is posted.  Priority Reassignment typically lasts 90 days.

When appropriate positions are identified, the DMS analyst will inform the appropriate Recruiter of the Priority Reassignment candidate. The Recruiter reviews the candidate’s qualifications and, if appropriate, forwards the candidate’s resume to the hiring manager for consideration. A Priority Reassignment candidate must be hired into any position for which he/she is qualified. A hiring manager can only reject a priority reassignment candidate if the candidate is not qualified or if no reasonable accommodation can be provided to enable the employee to perform the essential functions of the position.  Prior to making this decision, the hiring manager may engage in a noncompetitive interview and/or meet with the employee and Disability Management Services to engage in the interactive process.  No other applicants may be referred to this open position until the qualifications of the Priority Reassignment candidate are evaluated.