Workers' Compensation Medical Provider Information

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Primary Treating Physician (PTP) 

Your primary treating physician (PTP) is the doctor with overall responsibility for treating your work injury or illness and for coordinating care with other providers. The PTP decides what type of medical care you need; whether there are temporary or permanent medical limitations or restrictions on your ability to perform work; and when you are able to return to work. If the injury results in some degree of permanent disability, the PTP will measure the disability and report the findings to your claims administrator. The PTP will also report whether you will need medical care in the future. As part of your Workers’ Compensation benefits, the University will provide you with a PTP. 

University Designated Resources

Quality medical care is crucial to making the best recovery from your work injury or illness. UCSF committed to providing quality medical care to employees who have been injured on the job.  

UCSF Occupational Health Services department is the designated primary treating physician (PTP) of that care for all work-related injuries to medical center employees. Information on Occupational Health Services is available on the OHS website.

Campus employees may select to be seen at Occupational Health Services, or may choose to be seen at St. Francis Memorial Health Center at SBC Park 415/972-2249 or at Kaiser on the Job 415/674-7000.

Personal Physician (M.D. or D.O.) 

If you have a personal M.D. or D.O. and you wish to designate this physician to be your PTP, you must do so in writing before the injury occurs. In addition, before the injury occurs, the physician must agree to treat you for a work related injury or illness. You may use the Physician Pre-designation Form to pre-designate your personal physician, chiropractor, or acupuncturist. After the form is completed by both you and your physician, mail it to the appropriate UCSF Workers’ Compensation Department. If you have questions about the form, or the pre-designation process, please contact the Workers’ Compensation manager.

One-Time Right to Change PTP 

You have the right to change your PTP one time. You can request this change at any time. Requests for this change should be made to your adjuster at Sedgwick.

Change of PTP: First 30 Days 

If you make your request to change PTP during the first 30 days after reporting your injury, you can change to your personal chiropractor or acupuncturist if you have pre-designated this physician.

Change of PTP: After 30 Days 

If you have not already used your one-time change of PTP, then thirty (30) days after reporting your injury, you may change to the PTP of your own choice. This can be your personal M.D. or D.O., your personal chiropractor, personal acupuncturist, or any physician of your choice within a reasonable geographic area.