Guidelines for Employees Impacted by Wildfires And Public Safety Power Shut-Offs

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Update as of November 4, 2019:

UCSF Wildfire and Air Quality Response is a central repository for the UCSF community regarding wildfires, public safety power shutoffs (PSPS), air quality, and other resources.

With the situations regarding the wildfires, evacuations and power outages, employees’ ability to work may be affected.

Students and trainees: be in touch with your faculty advisor, program director, or program administrator with any questions.

Please see the following guidelines for staff who are impacted:

If a staff member is not able to come to work due to wildfires, evacuation or power outages:

  • Generally, staff who are not able to come to work can use their accrued time (vacation, sick, PTO or CTO) or be on unpaid leave in accordance with policy or bargaining unit contract. This may include situations in which an employee’s family members are impacted by the events as well.
  • For those staff who do not have enough accrued leave, the Voluntary Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program is available: Policy and Forms

If a staff member needs to telecommute or work remotely because of an inability to get to work due to wildfires, evacuation or power outages:

  • Staff should consult with their direct supervisor or manager.

If a staff member would like to help/volunteer in the area impacted by the wildfires or support impacted staff:

  • Upon approval by your manager, staff may use their accrued time or take time off without pay.
  • Staff who wish to donate accrued time to those in need may do so through the the Voluntary Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program.

If work locations are closed due to wildfires, evacuations or power outages:

  • Staff will be compensated in accordance with policy or the applicable bargaining unit contract.
  • If the work location must be closed for an extended period of time, staff can generally be asked to work in another work location or voluntarily take accrued leave time.  Please consult with your Labor and Employee Relations (LER) Consultant in these situations as union notice may be required.
  • To reach the LER Officer of the Day, please contact: 415-353-4012 or 415-353-4107 during regular business hours. 

Resources available for employees:

N95 Masks: widespread distribution of N95 masks is not currently underway. This information will be updated if this changes.