New Employee Benefits Overview for Postdocs

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UC’s Health & Welfare and Retirement benefits are an important part of your total compensation package. This orientation is intended to empower postdoctoral scholars newly eligible for UC benefits to make informed decisions regarding their benefits options during their 31-day Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE).

Mission Center Building (MCB): 10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m., 5th Floor, Suite 500. Orientations will be held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month unless a holiday falls on a Monday then the orientation will be held on the following Tuesday at the Laurel Heights building in Conference Room 474 on the 4th Floor. The schedule below shows the orientation dates for 2019. (Note on Wednesday, January 2nd we will hold a special benefits session at Laurel Heights, Conference Room 474, 4th Floor.)


December 12/3/2018 12/17/2018
January 1/2/2019 Special January Session
January 1/7/2019 1/22/2019*
February 2/4/2019 2/19/2019*
March 3/4/2019 3/18/2019
April 4/1/2019 4/15/2019
May 5/6/2019 5/20/2019
June 6/3/2019 6/17/2019
July 7/1/2019 7/15/2019
August 8/5/2019 8/19/2019
September 9/3/2019* 9/16/2019
October 10/7/2019 10/21/2019
November 11/4/2019 11/18/2019
December 12/2/2019 12/16/2019

Attendance is on a drop-in basis though if you are a new postdoc please complete the onboarding process through HR prior to attending this workshop to confirm your eligibility for UC-sponsored benefits.

For additional details please contact [email protected] or 415/476-6529.

*Note: Given Monday is a holiday, this event will be held on a Tuesday at the Laurel Heights building in Conference Room 474.

Location Address:

Mission Center Building (MCB): 1855 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Laurel Heights Building (LHts): 3333 California St, San Francisco, CA 94118 for benefit orientation held on Tuesday