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Positions designated as Senior Management Group (SMG) provide leadership requiring the exercise of a high degree of independent judgment in the development of university-wide or campus-wide policy and program direction and accountability for long-term results.  

The President, as executive head of the University, has responsibility for the policies and programs governing the terms and conditions of employment for staff members who hold SMG positions, except for certain actions which are reserved to The Regents and Principal Officers of The Regents as set forth in the Bylaws and Standing Orders of The Regents, and except as delegated by the President to Chancellors, Laboratory Director, and the Executive Vice President—Business Operations.

Each campus has a designated SMG Coordinator who serves as the primary contact for all SMG members, responsible for interpreting policies, administering programs and coordinating efforts with Office of the President.

The UCSF SMG Coordinator function is housed within the campus UCSF Human Resources Executive Compensation Unit and provides centralized services to all UCSF SMG employees (Campus and UCSF Health).

UCSF Senior Management Group
Centralized HR SMG Services


UCSF SMG Coordinator


The UCSF SMG Coordinator provides centralized HR services to all UCSF SMG employees (Campus and UCSF Health).

Holly Rodriguez
UCSF SMG Coordinator
Human Resources-Executive Compensation Unit
Phone: 415/476-4285 
[email protected]  
3333 California St., Suite 305 
San Francisco, CA 94143-0832


SMG Payroll, Benefits, Policies



SMG Policies


SMG employees are covered by both “Personnel Policies for Staff Members” (PPSM) and “Personnel Policies for Senior Management Group.”


SMG Payroll


  • The UCSF SMG Coordinator serves as the first point of contact for SMG payroll questions and requests.
  • UCSF SMG payroll services are centralized in the HR Executive Compensation Unit.
  • Email payroll questions, issues, and OLPPS requests directly to the SMG Coordinator.


HBS Time Keeping


  • SMG employees complete and submit time reporting via the UCSF Huntington Business System (HBS) time keeping system.
  • Link: HBS


SMG Benefits



  • The UCSF SMG Coordinator serves as the first point of contact for benefits questions from UCSF SMG employees.
  • SMG employees are covered by standard UC benefits.
  • SMG employees with a full-time (100 percent) career appointment may also be eligible to receive the additional benefits listed below:
  • “At Your Service” - Visit the At Your Service website to access and update…
    • Personal information (address, beneficiaries)
    • Health and Welfare (medical/dental/vision/legal/FSA)
    • Income and Taxes (earnings, W2, direct deposit, employment verification)
    • Retirement and Savings (UCRP/CAP balances)
  • “UC Net” – Visit UC Net for Fidelity access (Savings Choice, DCP, 403b, 457b)


UC Home Loan Program


  • SMG employees are eligible to participate in the UC Home Loan Program.
  • The UCSF Home Loan Program is housed within UCSF’s Academic Personnel Office. 
  • Refer to Office of the President’s Office of Home Loans for systemwide information.


SMG Annual Processes



SMG Merit Increase Process


  • The timing of the annual SMG merit increase process is in alignment with the annual staff merit increase process.
  • The SMG merit process is coordinated by the UCSF SMG Coordinator with merit increase recommendations subject to approval by the UC President or Regents.


SMG Performance Assessment



Annual Report on Executive Compensation (AREC)


  • Annual Reporting:  UC is obligated to present a report to the UC Board of Regents, California State Legislature and the public on the compensation of the University of California’s senior managers each summer.
  • Positions Included:  Included in the annual report are all SMG positions and Management and Senior Professional (MSP) positions whose total potential cash compensation reaches the reporting threshold (excluded:  staff physicians). 
  • UCSF AREC Preparer:  UCSF SMG Coordinator


SMG Outside Professional Activities (OPA)



Conflict of Interest (COI) & Form 700 Process





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