Advisory Board

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The HR Advisory Board advises the AVC HR on priorities, processes, performance, budget, and services of UCSF Human Resources. Its mission is to:

  • Provide input on service levels
  • Provide advice on service delivery
  • Advise on new and/or anticipated customer needs, desires, or requirements
  • Support the planning for and implementation of proposed process, policy, and technology improvements for campus rollout
  • Provide input on budget and review recharge rate proposals
  • Ensure alignment with UCSF-wide goals and objectives

The Advisory Board consists of nine representatives of client departments. Members represent all stakeholders of the UCSF community, including clinical departments, basic science departments, SFGH, Deans’ Offices, FAS, the EVCP, and the Academic Senate. Members serve two years, but some charter members will serve three years for continuity. Read the full HR Advisory Board Charter here.

The HR Advisory Board may convene standing or ad hoc subcommittees to address specific topics in depth, such as the standing HR Funding Model Subcommittee. Subcommittees may include members of the Advisory Board, other stakeholders and customers, and HR staff. 

UCSF HR Advisory Board

Client Departments
-  David Rein, School of Nursing Dean's Office
-  Christian Vaisse, Diabetes Center, Academic Senate Academic Planning and Budget Committee Representative
-  Stuart Heard, Clinical Pharmacy, Academic Senate representative
-  Mounira Kenaani, Dermatology; Diabetes Center
-  Larisa Kure, School of Dentistry Dean's Office
-  Suzanne Murphy, EVCP, Chair
-  Samantha Yee, School of Medicine Dean’s Office
-  Clare Shinnerl, Campus Life Services
-  Laurae Pearson, Medicine/Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center 

Executive Sponsors
-  Brian Alldredge, Vice Provost Academic Affairs
-  Paul Jenny, Senior Vice Chancellor Finance and Administrative Services

UCSF HR–Ex officio
-  Corey Jackson, Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Human Resources/Sr. Vice President Human Resources, UCSF Health Human Resources
-  Emerald Light, AVP Academic Affairs
-  Jenny Schreiber, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
-  Katharine Tull, Chief of Staff to the CHRO

HR Funding Model Subcommittee Members
-  Becky Daro, Financial and Administrative Services
-  Nabil Ghanem, Department of Urology 
-  Cecelia Chang, School of Nursing
-  Elissa Roeser, School of Medicine
-  Stephanie Louie, School of Dentistry
-  Suzanne Murphy, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
-  Michael Nordberg, School of Pharmacy, Subcommittee Chair
-  HR Representatives: David Odato, Cynthia Lynch Leathers, Jenny Schreiber, Jason Stout
-  Subcommittee Staff: Jennifer Tapken, HR Business Services; Katharine Tull, UCSF PMO

HR Service Partnership Agreement (SPA) Subcommittee Members

Academic Workgroup
-  Esther Carmona - Manager, Transaction Services, HR
-  Esther Carter - Director, Postdoc/Trainees, HR
-  Cheryl Drassinower (co-chair) - Director, Academic Shared Services, HR
-  Brian Groves - Director, International Students & Scholars Office
-  Larisa Kure (co-chair) - MSO, Microbiology & Immunology
-  Emerald Light - Manager, VPAA, HR
-  Carla Pagsanjan - Manager, Academic Shared Services, HR
-  Laurae Pearson - Director of Administration, DOM SFGH
-  Ken Pinster - Director, Operations & Finance, SON
-  Carroll Schreibman, Associate Chair, Admin & Finance, Anesthesia
-  Nancy Walters - Director, SOP Dean's Office

Staff Workgroup
-  Esther Carmona - Manager, Transaction Services, HR
-  Thomas Cunningham - Director, Finance & Operations, Cancer Center
-  Clarice Estrada (co-chair) - Chief Administrative Officer, CVRI
-  John Giacomi - Executive Director, Facilities Services
-  Georgina Lopez - Director, Finance & Admin, Global Health Sciences
-  Suzanne Murphy - Director, Business Services, EVC&P
-  Katy Rau - Director, Staff Shared Services, HR
-  Judy Rosen - Manager, Disability Services, HR
-  Kelly Sheridan - Manager, Campus Labor/Employee Relations, HR
-  Richard Secunda - Director, SOM Dean's Office
-  Jason Stout (co-chair) - Manager, HR Strategy, HR
-  Holly Wong, Psychiatry/Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

Workgroup Support
-  Cecilia Carino, UCSF Human Resources