Funding Model and Billing

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Funding Model and Billing


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Funding Model Overview

The Human Resources funding model has two components:  funds provided by institutional sources, such as the Chancellor’s Financial Plan, FAS, the EVCP and the Deans’ Offices, and funds paid by departments based on their headcount of each population included in the model.

The HR Funding Model Subcommittee, composed of representatives from each Dean’s Office, the EVCP, FAS, and basic science and clinical departments, reviews the funding methodology and budget annually and provides recommendations to the HR Advisory Board. The UCSF HR Advisory Board reviews and endorses the recommendations of the HR Funding Model Subcommittee. Final approval authority for the HR funding model rests with the SVC of Finance and Administration.

The headcount for each department is assessed each year on December 1 for the upcoming fiscal year beginning July 1.  Department bills are based on their weighted headcount for each population included in the model (see pricing chart below). Billing is monthly, and the procedural details for FY18–19 can be found here.

FY19-20 Population Pricing

Population FY20 Weighting Percentage FY20 per Headcount Rate FY19 per Headcount Rate
Faculty 100% $1,521 $1,415
Non-Faculty Academics/Postdocs 80% $1,217 $1,132
Staff 80% $1,217 $1,132
VCF/Volunteer Researchers 20% $305 $284
Graduate Students 10% $153 $142
Non-Recall Emeritus 0% $0 $0
MSP Clinicians with concomitant WOS apptmt 100% $1,521 $1,415

Billing Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

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