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Welcome to UCSF Guidelines and Policies

There are many university policies, covering a wide range of areas and topics. This website is intended to make guidelines and policy information more accessible.

Please note department-specific information is not provided on this site. If you have questions regarding your department’s guidelines, procedures, and/or policies, please contact your supervisor.


UC Presidential Policies and Manuals

These systemwide policies are maintained by the Office of the President and apply to all UC locations. Information regarding common UC policy questions can be found here.


UCSF Campus and Health Guidelines and Policies

The following selected UCSF Guidelines and Policies apply to UCSF staff employees:


UCSF Campus Administrative Policies

The UCSF Campus Administrative Policies website communicates how University business is conducted at UCSF.


UCSF Medical Center Administrative Policies (Accessible to UCSF Health Employees)

The purpose of this website is to make medical center and hospital-wide policies easily accessible to all members of staff and faculty. The site contains manuals for different administrative areas, including the following Human Resources policies:

UCSF Medical Center Administrative Policies Manual

Chapter 4.00.00 Human Resources


Approval Date

4.01.01  Employment

June 2017

4.01.02  Employee Records

May 2017

4.01.03  Employee Identification

May 2017

4.01.04  Employee Referral Bonus Program

February 2018

4.01.05  Parking and Transportation

June 2017

4.01.07  Pre-Employment Background Check

June 2017

4.01.08  Employee Recognition Funds Program

June 2017

4.02.03  Paid Time Off (PTO)

June 2017

4.02.05  Reporting the Death of an Employee

June 2017

4.02.06  Transitional/ Modified Work Program

June 2017

4.02.07  Work Incurred Illness and Injury

June 2017

4.02.09  Return To Work Clearance

June 2017

4.02.10  Occupational Health Services: Influenza Vaccination for Employees and Staff

September 2019

4.02.11  Pre-Employment Substance Abuse Screening

June 2017

4.03.01  Employee Requests to be Excluded from Patient Care

May 2017

4.03.04  Employee Dress Standards

August 2017

4.03.05  Attendance Monitoring

May 2017

4.04.01  Payroll Processing

July 2015

4.04.04  Compensatory Time Off (CTO)

June 2017

4.04.05  Specialty Certification Differential for Nursing

June 2017

4.05.01  Competency Assessment and Performance Evaluation

June 2017

4.07.01  Staff Communicable Disease Surveillance

June 2017


Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and UCSF Local Implementing Procedures

University of California staff employees in non-represented titles (Professional and Support Staff (PSS) and Managers and Senior Professionals (MSP)) are covered by both UC Systemwide Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and UCSF local implementing procedures. In combination, these policies and procedures are designed to inform non-represented employees about the expectations and entitlements of the University with regard to their employment. (Note: Employees represented by a union are not covered by PPSM. Please refer to the applicable collective bargaining agreement for represented employees.)

This manual contains the universitywide personnel policies that apply to staff members at the University of California

  • UCSF Implementing Procedures (for Professional and Support Staff, Managers and Senior Professionals):

These UCSF procedures correspond to Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and provide additional guidance and implementing procedures for the Systemwide Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM).  UCSF local procedures should be read in conjunction with the appropriate PPSM policy. Please note: There is not a Local PPSM Policy provided for every Systemwide PPSM Policy.


Policies for Formal Review/Employee Comment Period

  • There are no policies in formal review/employee comment period at this time (5/2/2018).