PPSM Additional Premium Holidays

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In order to maintain a consistent practice with the competitive health care market and facilitate better parity with related covered employees, UCSF requested and received approval from the Office of the President for the following exceptions related to premium holidays for titles under the Personnel Program for Staff Members (PPSM). This approval is effective March 1, 2009 through December 31, 2013 or at a time that PPSM policy is revised (whichever comes first):

  1. PPSM-covered non exempt employees in existing non-health care titles (excluding title code 5313, Police Sergeant) who work on Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day will receive premium pay or premium compensatory time off. PPSM currently provides December 25 as the only premium holiday. December 25 will continue to be a premium holiday in addition to Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day.
  2. PPSM-covered non-exempt employees in existing health care related to bargaining unit titles (EX, HX and NX) who work on holidays will receive premium pay or premium compensatory time off consistent with related represented employees as provided under respective collective bargaining agreement. Attached is a list of PPSM-covered, health care related titles for reference.

View Health-Related Titles (November 2008).

If you have any questions related to these policies, please contact your assigned Labor and Employee Relations analyst.