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Health Benefits for UCSF Postdoctoral Scholars

UCSF offers its postdoctoral scholars a comprehensive benefits package. The Benefits Specialty Center encourages all postdoctoral scholars to attend a “New Employee Benefits Overview for Postdocs” to ensure postdoctoral scholars can make informed decisions about their benefits. New postdocs must complete their insurance enrollment within 31 days from their hire date and/or date of new eligibility.


Postdoctoral Scholars who transition to a Faculty Appointment

A Postdoctoral Scholar who transitions to a faculty appointment must complete a UPAY 850 Form to enroll in faculty /staff benefits within the new PIE instead of going to AYSO.  Reason: Though AYSO will allow for the enrollment and provide a confirmation, the enrollment will not upload to OLPPS.

The PSBP benefits will continue to the end of the month that the Postdoc appointment is termed in. If the faculty appointment begins mid-month, special coordination may need to happen to ensure there is no overlap of coverage. Please direct new faculty/staff to attend a Benefits Overview within their PIE to ensure they are equipped to make informed decisions about their new benefit options.

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