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Stipends are methods of providing additional compensation when employees are temporarily assigned significant responsibilities that fall outside of the scope of their classification level. The applicable provisions of personnel policy and collective bargaining agreements cited in these guidelines provide guidance in determining the appropriate method of compensation.

Below are factors to consider when determining whether a stipend is warranted.

  • Stipends are, by definition, temporary, and should not exceed 12 months.
  • The proposed amount of the stipend should be set in accordance with the applicable contract or policy.
  • Changes in workload may not necessarily result in changes in compensation. Examples include additional work assigned to cover short periods of vacation or other leave, acting as back-up, short-term special projects or assignments, or increases in volume when the nature/level of work is at the same level.
  • A request for a stipend needs to be submitted for approval prior to its implementation to ensure its appropriateness. No compensation commitment should be communicated to the affected employee prior to official approval.

Requesting a Stipend

Requests for stipends should be submitted to the you HR Generalist.  The service request should include the following information:

  • the name and current payroll title of the employee involved;
  • the reason for the request and a description of the additional duties in support of the stipend;
  • the specific beginning and end date(s) of the stipend period.