Reemployment of UC Retired Employees Policy Guidelines and Process

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Effective January 1, 2009, the new Policy on Reemployment of UC Retired Employees into Senior Management Group and Staff Positions was implemented.  The policy governs the reemployment of all former UC employees (Senior Management Group (SMG) members, staff personnel, and academic appointees) who have separated from University employment and elected monthly retirement income or a lump sum cashout from the University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP), and who are rehired into SMG or staff positions.

And though these guidelines are also applicable to the reemployment of retired employees with underlying faculty appointments who are rehired into SMG or staff positions, they do not modify, amend, or suspend any rights or privileges connected with the underlying faculty appointments.

Retirees who were hired on or before December 31, 2008 and have subsequently continued employment will continue under the former policy Guidelines for Rehire of UC Retirees until their appointments end or there is a change in their current appointment.

New Process:

The following are the sequential steps that need to be taken when rehiring a UC retiree (including those who took a lump sum cashout) into a staff position at UCSF Campus. This process should be utilized for new appointments and extensions of current appointments. An appointment cannot be established for more than 12 months at a time. Retirees cannot start work until approvals are completed.

Process Overview:

  • Hiring Manager consults with HR Generalist regarding rehire classification and pay rate
  • Hiring Manager initiates the DocuSign Rehired Retiree Forms here
  • Retiree completes forms via DocuSign
  • Approvals completed through electronic routing in Docusign
  • Hiring Manager receives completed approved forms from DocuSign via email
  • Hiring Manager submits SRS ticket, attaching approved Rehired Retiree Forms
  • HR Service Center facilitates rehire process, establishes rehire date
  • Retiree begins work

Quick Guide – Rehiring UC Retiree into Staff Positions – DocuSign Form and Approval Process

PPT Training – Policy and Approval Process for Rehired Retirees into Staff Position

Please direct any questions about the guidelines and process to Jeffrey Chiu, Director of Talent Acquisition, Campus Human Resources at [email protected].